Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bewitching brownies

Haven't posted in a while because i've been busy with life, but i'm trying to prioritise the things i care most about which includes this blog. In life its hard to forget the things which make you happy because you're stuck doing the things that you have to do even though it means that you may not necessarily want to which sucks but thats life. I hope one day to have a job i enjoy which enables me to travel the world and be myself. I've been thinking about possible job opportunities but right now there are so many options and i just hope that soon they can be narrowed down. But anyways enough about that and onto the brownies!

These brownies were inspired by tumblinbumblin cookie (not her full name) on instagram. She always posts the most delicious foods
and she just had me in the mood to make brownies. These brownies are less gooey than i usually make them however they are much healthier for you and i felt less guilty about eating the whole batch. I'm not even kidding i think i ate at least two thirds of the entire batch. My bad.

Coconut flour
Cocoa powder
Dark chocolate
Apple sauce
Plant based milk

1. Place half of the dark chocolate in a bowl and melt over bubbling hot water on the stove. Be careful not to scold yourself like i did.

2. Meanwhile mix the apple sauce, plant based milk and sugar in a bowl.

3. Pour the melted chocolate into the mix in step 2.

4. Sieve in the coconut flour and cocoa powder in the bowl.

5. Pour batter in a pot and bake in the oven until finished. (you'll know its ready via the fork test. Place a dry fork in the deepest part of the mixture and if it comes out clean its ready.

6. Put the finished brownies in the fridge for at least an hour.

7. Melt the other half of the dark chocolate before pouring over the baked brownies.

8. Decorate with nuts of toppings of your choice

Bon appetit.

I hope your brownies come out better than mine. In the future i'm going to post my less healthy brownies on the blog because i prefer them to these, but this is meant to be partially a health page thus my post shall contain health foods!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Q/A. Veganism, how do you do it?

Hey guys i'm back. I've been thinking a lot lately as to why my recent posts aren't getting as much attention as my other posts and i noticed that i've spent a lot of time talking about recipes instead of talking about my vegan journey and answering questions for any of you guys who want to go vegan.

In this post you will be introduced to my fictional characters Alice and Keith who have a lot of questions about me going vegan.

"April 2014 i officially went vegan"

Alice : How did the transition go Debbie?

"Well Alice it wasn't too bad. I had been going vegan on and off since September 2013 making vegan recipes wherever i could so by the time i went vegan i knew what do eat and how to get my nutrients"

Alice : So does that mean you didn't go vegetarian first?

"No Alice i didn't"

Alice: I want to go vegan but i don't think i can jump straight in like you did

"That's okay Alice, start off slow firstly by decreasing the amount of meat from your diet and replacing dairy products with substitutes"

Keith: What about my gains? I need my protein and i don't want to loose weight otherwise i won't be able to get girls.
"Keith you can get protein from pretty much anything. Dark leafy greens and legumes such as lentils, beans and nuts. And besides its whats on the inside that counts, you shouldn't be focused on your looks that much"

Alice: Not that he has any


Keith: Where's that ass at though?


Alice: That reminds me how did you keep your booty after going vegan?

Keith:Yeh you've got a nice ass

"(Blush) Well guys, i haven't always had a booty, its not in my genes really. I go to the gym a lot and do a lot of hip thrust. But if you're eating a lot of good fats you will maintain a good weight which is key for a great physique"

Alice: How do i get good fats?

"By eating Avocado's, nuts, dairy free milk, nut butters (i,e peanut butter) and dark chocolate)

Keith: But Alice is lazy she doesn't like spending time at the gym.
Alice: You don't need to speak for me
"You could work out at home, its really easy to get into shape using your own body weight, there are a lot of youtube videos out there for it. My personal favourite is Julian Micheals Kickbox cardio workout"

Alice: Thanks

Keith: Any time toots

"I think she was talking to me"

Alice: I was.

Keith: Sure (Winks)
"Yeah so i think that's a wrap guys. Feel free to submit your questions and i am always here to provide you with some answers"

Friday, 21 April 2017

Easy as pie vegan pancakes (substitutes listed)

                                        Fruity breakfast pancakes

Protein packed breakfast pancakes. 

I get a lot of questions on how to make vegan pancakes especially because the original recipe is filled with animal products but there are several ways you can replace them.

Some people use egg replacers or flaxseeds as an egg substitute. Or you could also use a banana or apple sauce. I personally don't substitute my eggs and the pancakes still turn out fine.

So you have an option of several kinds of milk, almond, oat, soya, cashew, hemp and rice . (All the ones I can think of)
When I make my pancakes I use water instead of milk and the pancakes still come out as tasty. 

Margarine and other plant based butters are your easiest option. Brands include ; flora, Alpro and some supermarket brands. 1sp of oil is also perfectly fine, and I prefer to use 1tsp of olive oil because it's more natural than plant based butters . 

Flour is vegan! For everyone who has asked, so any flour you use is fine. I like my pancakes to be as fibre filled as possible so instead of regular flour I usually blend oats into oat flour, this makes the recipe gluten free.  Be warned when using gluten free flours, always add 1tsp of oil because the absence of gluten makes the pancakes hard to bind and oil will make it easier to do.

So now I've suggested some substitutes , let's jump right into the recipe! 

First thing we do is add some flour and sugar into a mixing bowl.
Then if you are using an egg substitute go on and add that in too, if not then skip this step.
Add the liquid of your choice; water vs non dairy milk.
Mix the mixture until smooth . For thick pancakes leave the batter thick as if you're baking a cake, if not make it a little runny .
Melt the butter if you've chosen to use butter then add 1 tsp of it to the mixture, if using oil do the same but with oil
Mix thoroughly .

Now when we get to the cooking stage, we can either use non dairy butter or oil. I use spray oil because it distributes better and has less calories and fat.
Once the pan in hot, i pour as many mini circles as I can and wait till the sides of the pancakes start to form bubbles , when the bubbles forms flip the half baked pancakes over.
Continue until you're out of mixture and voila !
Pancakes are done.

If you noticed I didn't give any measurements because I don't generally weigh my food when I make it, I just go with the flow.

But yeah that's it, hope you liked my recipe x